SureSmile® Comparison

SureSmile Orthodontic Treatment vs. Conventional Braces

By using customized SureSmile archwires, Dr. Chung’s treatment plan will move each tooth to the target position in a more direct path than traditional braces would. With the accuracy and efficiency of SureSmile, our office can provide a quality of treatment designed to produce high-quality results while you spend less time in braces.

SureSmile Treatment

Braces on 3D Computer Model of Teeth

1. SureSmile creates a 3D computer model of your bite by using advanced imaging technology to scan your teeth.

Digital Braces Treatment Planning with SureSmile 3-D orthodontic computer model

2. With the 3D model, Dr. Chung can see your teeth, the root of your teeth in your jaw bone, and how they all fit together from any angle.

SureSmile Robotic Arm Customizing Braces Archwire for Treatment

3. Once your treatment plan is determined, SureSmile directs a robot to bend a Shape Memory Alloy archwire according to Dr. Chung’s prescription.

Conventional Treatment

Traditional orthodontics plaster model of teeth

1. In traditional orthodontics, a doctor uses a plaster model and 2D X-rays to determine a general treatment plan.

Traditional Orthodontic Treatment Planning

2. The finishing positions for your teeth are developed over time by viewing progress during frequent monitoring visits.

Traditional Orthodontic Treatment Planning

3. Archwires are bent by hand at chairside during each appointment, which entails continuous readjustment over the course of treatment.

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What patients are saying:
“My three children were patient and couldn't be happier with the results,, this office is amazing, staff is always there to work with is and always with a smile.. I'd recommend smile solutions to all my friends.” ~ Maria L.
“Can’t get any better than what this office has to offer. Dr. Chung is very humble, generous, kind and an excellent orthodontist. His staff are efficient, friendly and ultra attentive. We got very lucky we ended up with Smile Solutions. I would use them again in a heartbeat. Dr. Chung truly cares about his patients and the manner in which he conducts himself trickles down to those who work for/with him. Excellent service!” ~ Cherry
“So far we've been very pleased with the orthodontic treatment multiple members of our family have received from Dr. Chung and his excellent staff. Dr. Chung is a true expert in his field and is patient and thorough in speaking with families. He made sure we fully understood all of our options and worked with us to make informed decisions during the course of treatment. The office staff is friendly and highly competent. I would highly recommend Smile Solutions to anyone in need of orthodontic treatment!” ~ Carma V.
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