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We recognize that all our patients are unique and deserve to receive orthodontic care that reflects their individual needs. Our experienced and talented team is committed to working with you and your family to create a comfortable, stress-free, and rewarding orthodontic experience every time you visit our practice.

We are pleased to welcome you and your family, and we look forward to working with you

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Treatment Coordinator

Kathy has worked in the dental field since 1983 and joined our team in 2013. She enjoys getting to know each patient on an individual basis, starting with their first visit, and watching their smile and personality grow during treatment.

Kathy works closely with patients and parents to start treatment, answers questions about care, and handles patient financial contracts. She loves helping start people on their journey to a beautiful smile.

Kathy lives in Florham Park with her husband. She has two children and loves her time with them. She also enjoys cooking, traveling, relaxing at the Jersey Shore, and being with loved ones.


Scheduling Coordinator

Katie started in the field in 2015, with us. She has a Bachelor of Science in psychology with a minor in communication disorders, and excels at connecting with our patients, to make each person feel at home.

Katie handles all patient interactions in the front office, from scheduling appointments to helping with paperwork and answering questions about billing and insurance. She loves welcoming new patients and families to our office, getting to know them during treatment, and watching people’s smile transformation.

Katie lives in Lake Hopatcong with her fiancé Chris and their dog Penny. The three enjoy hiking together, kayaking on the lake, and swimming. Katie and Chris also enjoy cooking and are always trying new recipes.


Scheduling Coordinator / Certified Orthodontic Assistant

Marie joined Dr. Chung and our team in 2014, when she brought with her almost 20 years of experience in general dentistry and orthodontics.

Marie takes patient records and assists the doctor with various procedures. She educates patients about oral hygiene and insertion of appliances, explains procedures, and answers questions. She also works at the front desk: answering the phones and setting appointments. Marie loves seeing beautiful smiles and watching patients’ self-esteem rise during treatment.

Marie is married and has a daughter in college. She enjoys working with children, spending time with her family, and baking. Marie also likes painting, crafts, decorating, and hiking when she can find time. In the 80s, Marie did missionary work in Central America. She was a Sunday School teacher for 11 years.


Certified Orthodontic Assistant

Laura attended dental assisting school and is a certified orthodontic assistant. Her experience started in the field in 1977 and we welcomed her to our practice in 2013.

Laura works closely with Dr. Chung during orthodontic procedures: assisting him while supporting their patient. She loves watching each patient progress to the most perfect smile and getting to know the person during treatment.

Laura’s been married almost 40 years. She has two daughters and five grandchildren she adores. Laura was born in Italy and is fluent in Italian. She speaks some Spanish, too. She enjoys time with her grandchildren, trips to Florida, and staying healthy.


Certified Certified Dental Assistant

Luisa’s dental field experience started in 1982. She worked in general dentistry for more than 15 years, then moved into orthodontics. She joined us in 2014, and brought with her a passion for customer care and patient interaction.

Working in the clinic, Luisa provides chairside assistance with orthodontic procedures. She also takes X-rays, intraoral scans, and impressions. She loves being able to help patients achieve great smiles!

Luisa is married and has three daughters, two grandchildren, and another granddaughter on the way. She loves spending the weekends with her grandchildren and loved ones.


Registered Dental Assistant

Besides being a registered dental assistant, Maricela is also a certified dental assistant and certified orthodontic assistant. She’s been part of our team since 2006.

Maricela works chairside with Dr. Chung as he sees patients. She also takes records, X-rays, oral scans, and impressions. Maricela has a passion and enthusiasm for her work and strives each day to provide patients with the best possible care.

Maricela enjoys her time off with her family.


Certified Dental Assistant

Kay-Ann started as a dental assistant in 1998. She has worked in general dentistry, oral surgery, and orthodontics, and joined us in 2008.

Kay-Ann prepares the unit for our patients, greets patients, and seats them. She prepares them to see Dr. Chung, assists the doctor chairside with the procedure, and cleans and disinfects the area once the patient is finished. She also works at the front desk and assists Dr. Chung with certain daily operations. Kay-Ann enjoys helping give people beautiful smiles!

Kay-Ann lives in Union with her spouse and two children. Her son loves to play soccer and her daughter is training to become a gymnast. She likes to garden, bake, dance, visit aquariums, cheer for the NY Giants, and be with her family.


Orthodontic Lab Technician

Carlos has worked in the dental field since 1978 and joined our practice in 2006. He studied dentistry in Ecuador and earned a Doctorate of Dental Surgery there.

Carlos works in our onsite lab to craft the custom appliances that create beautiful smiles, including retainers, fixed and removable expanders, splints, and flippers. He enjoys working with his hands and using his dental knowledge to ensure the most comfortable fit for each patient.

Carlos is married and has a son who lives in Ecuador. He loves volunteering his dental skills for different organizations, traveling, and adventure trips, especially paragliding and EnduroCross racing.

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What patients are saying:
“My three children were patient and couldn't be happier with the results,, this office is amazing, staff is always there to work with is and always with a smile.. I'd recommend smile solutions to all my friends.” ~ Maria L.
“Can’t get any better than what this office has to offer. Dr. Chung is very humble, generous, kind and an excellent orthodontist. His staff are efficient, friendly and ultra attentive. We got very lucky we ended up with Smile Solutions. I would use them again in a heartbeat. Dr. Chung truly cares about his patients and the manner in which he conducts himself trickles down to those who work for/with him. Excellent service!” ~ Cherry
“So far we've been very pleased with the orthodontic treatment multiple members of our family have received from Dr. Chung and his excellent staff. Dr. Chung is a true expert in his field and is patient and thorough in speaking with families. He made sure we fully understood all of our options and worked with us to make informed decisions during the course of treatment. The office staff is friendly and highly competent. I would highly recommend Smile Solutions to anyone in need of orthodontic treatment!” ~ Carma V.
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