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What patients liked best about Dr. Chung and his staff...


  Dr. Chung has offered exceptional care. When my son was objecting to having his palette expander 
tightened at home, Dr. Chung suggested that I bring him in to have it tightened weekly. This has 
saved my son and me a lot of grief. Dr. Chung has always listened attentively to our concerns, and offered both information and options to address them. His office runs efficiently and everyone there 
has been kind and considerate to us.

       Rebecca, Cranford (Featured in New Jersey Family Magazine 2014)

  (:  I love it there. I hate waiting a long time at dentist or doctor's offices. But, here, I am always taken care of in a timely fashion and everyone is always so nice. And, the place is clean. I'm a germ-o-phobe and hate dirty environments. Howere, nothing is ever dirty or unsanitary looking when I enter. I am soooo happy to be going there honestly. 


  Great Service. Awesome...!


  Smile Solutions is the best. 2 years with my braces and now they are coming off tomorrow. The Doctor and workers are the best and friendly. 


  Awesome Care! The care in smile solutions in very good. Everyone there is very friendly. 

Rithu S.

  Terrific care and help of timid patients. Everyone at Dr. Chung's office has been friendly and helpful since our
      very first visit, when they managed to calm my son's fears by explaining everything directly to him carefully,
      thoroughly, and with great warmth. Although he'd been in terribly nervous beforehand and had been adamant that
     he wouldn't cooperate with any of this, he actually left smiling. My son has a low tolerance for pain and
     discomfort, and while things went fairly smoothly with his palette expander, he found the bottom terribly
     uncomfortable. Dr. Chung explained everything to him and gave him choices, which helped make him feel more
     in control. Dr. Chung then even offered weekly appointments to turn the palette expander himself, when my
     son wasn't cooperating with my turning it, which was a huge relief to both my child and me. I enthusiastically
     recommend Dr. Chung and his office for the exceptional care they gave to their parents. 

Timonthy T.

  Best Professional Orthodontist!!! Not only is the office staff friendly, but they always have monthly
     contests for us. The dentist is gentle to me and explains everything to my mom at every visit!!! 


  Great Service. Dr. Chung was in no hurry to slap braces on my kids even though they will need it down the
      road. Seems very genuine. I appreciated the office staff's graciousness when I turned up half a hour late for
      my appointment. Lovely atmosphere, kids were happy to see their names on a little board welcoming them.
      Nice touch! Recommend Highly.


  Bestest Dentist of All Time. When my mom said I needed braces, I frowned. But monthes went by quick
     and my frown turned upside down and turned into a SMILE :-) DR CHUNG you are the bestest dentist ever.

Kayla R.

  Decision Made. I was recommended to this office by another dentist of orthodonic treatment. The Staff
     was very welcoming and friendly. The wait time was very short, the office was very bright and clean. 


  Nothing but the best!!!! I can absolutely say that I have nothing but great things to say about the service
      Dr. Chung and his entire staff are wonderful! TWO THUMBS UP!!!!!  

Kiermoni A.

  Outstanding Orthodontist. Dr. Christopher Chung is a great orthodontist. His office has a kid-friendly
      system for orthodontic care. When I got my expander on, I was able to spin the prize wheel (Wheel of Smiles),
      and I won 2 AMC movie tickets!!! Dr. Chung also has a great prize system. For certain good habits, like
      wearing your Smile Solutions T-Shirt, coming on time to appointments, etc., you can win Smile Tokens. When
      you have enough Smile Tokens, you can pick a prize. There are also yearly raffles, monthly contests, and
      Patient of the Month. Plus, if you recommend a  patient, and the orthodontists starts work on their teeth, you   
      get put into a raffle for an iPad, and you get 2 movie tickets (Just like I did!!!). But Dr. Chung is not a good
      doctor only because of prizes, he does everything with lots of care - and take it from me, I've had an expander
      and braces with Dr. Chung, he did such a good job, that I only needed braces for 6 months!!!!! I'm getting
      them off my next appointment!!! Yay!!! 
      If you want the best orthodontic care, Dr. Chung is the man for you!!!    

Shifra I.

  Very Friendly Yet Professional. Dr. Chung's office is very kid friendly. With video games available 
      to play while they wait and flat screen TV's in every room, kids will never feel uncomfortable. The staff
      is very friendly and professional. The technology used is very modern. There is even a finger scanner
      used to sign in. Overall, Smile Solutions is a great place to go to.  


  Best Orthodontics. I loved your office. I liked taking X-Rays. Especially when cameras
      were going around my head. Finally, I liked the comfortable chairs and how I see my future
      teeth! It was totally awesome!

Jenny S.

  My experience coming to Dr. Chung has been a great time! Everyone has been really
      nice and it's sad that I don't have to come to his office anymore. I want to thank
      personally to Dr. Chung, you are a cool guy and thank your for your patience!!

J. Pazimino

  We thought Smile Solutions was just great. Dr. Chung is very knowledgeable and
      the equipment is top of the line. My kids like the office because of the electronics and tokens.... 

D. Sarasohn

  My experience with Smile Solutions was thoroughly fulfilling and successful.
     The outcome was life-changing!!

J. Acosta

  Dr. Chung was very professional and did an excellent job. Will definitely recommend to a friend!  

P. Singh

  Our experience here has been pleasant, everyone here from the doctor to his staff have been very
      courteous and friendly. We would highly recommend Dr. Chung and his staff to every one! 

Rasheed family

  Dr. Chung is very friendly and very knowledgeable. He answers all of my
      questions thoroughly. I am very happy with the result of my daughter's smile.

C. Park

  I want to thank Dr. Chung and his staff for their kindness
      and professionalism. My child has had a great experience. Thanks!!

A. Modica

  Dr. Chung was excellent with my child and I would recommend him highly. Thank you.  

K. Percario

  Dr. Chung did excellent job on my daughter's teeth. Also, all the staff
      at Dr. Chung's office did a great job. I am very satisfied with everything. 

X. Lee

  My children have been Dr. Chung's patients for last few years.
      We are very happy about his service. Thank you, doctor.

S. Jiang

  I have found the office to be very professional. The service is quick and there is no waiting.
      Dr. Chung is very knowledgeable. Overall it has been a very satisfactory experience. 

A. Joseph

  Dr. Chung and his staff did a great job with my daughter's braces.
      Everybody in the office was very kind and patient with her. Thank you for everything.

Albertson family

  Dr. Chung has done a wonderful job with my son. His staff
      couldn't have been nicer. We are very happy with everything! Thank you. 

A. Cosmos

  It has been one of the most comfortable experiences in life with any doctor appointments. With expert skills
      and equipments state of the art, Dr. Chung treats us professionally as nice as one can expect.
      My daughter has enjoyed the journey.... With a thankful heart, it is an honor and privilege to receive
      the superb service from Dr. Chung and his staff! 

C. Zhang

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